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In Review: The Grounds of Alexandria

In the heart of Sydney’s industrial concrete jungle lies the 1800 square metre mega-café, The Grounds of Alexandria.
The Grounds, as it is most commonly known as, should not be foolishly taken for the average Sydney café serving the typical smashed avocado on sourdough, but rather a day trip at a gastro dome of flavour for families, business partners and the Instagram obsessed “hipster”.

The former pie factory from the 1920s offers a shabby chic, industrial-type experience, enhanced by the dim lighting of the randomly placed overhanging lightbulbs. It is an experienced emphasised by the many elements of the café. A sit down, flavourful experience can be had in The Café which is the primary and original building, offering a seasonal, rustic, paddock-to-plate philosophy and the finest coffee; The Potting Shed, that envelops diners in a homey atmosphere as seating options include benches, swing chairs, or standing at the bar, making customers feel like they are sitting on the family porch; and finally The Garden, where diners can sit next to an aging, vine covered brick wall surrounded by an abundant vegetable and flower garden and a small petting zoo. Be sure to say hello to the renowned resident pig, Kevin Bacon.
Owners Ramzey Choker (formally from Bacco Pasticceria, Rocket) and coffee connoisseur Jack Hanna (formally from Jack and The Bean) have succeeded in creating their vision of a concrete, industrial carpark into a thriving, communal welcoming space. The Grounds simply buzzes of good vibes and casual charm which is embodied in the vibrant, helpful and well informed staff. Hint: you will never have an empty glass of water.
The Grounds is focused on delivering the finest quality coffee, and it certainly delivers. World latte art champion owner Jack Hanna has exceeded customer expectations through his seven bean house blend. At $3.50 for a small and $4 for a large, the prices are reasonable and the taste is extraordinary, featuring a creamy yet firm, subtle yet almost earthy texture in the palette. For those who opt for sweeter refreshments can enjoy the array of freshly squeezed juices, a favourite being the Pineapple, Watermelon, Passionfruit and Mint juice ($8) , smoothies ($8.50) with the optional addition of protein powder for $2 more, that is served in a delightful jar. Customers can also opt for the classically humble Hot Chocolate ($7) that The Grounds certainly gets right or the Affogato ($7) that is unlike any of its competitors.

The seasonal menu contains a lot of typical elements located in other Sydney cafes, however the execution and flavours of food, ranging from full bodied to subtle, sets The Grounds apart from its competitors. Breakfast ranges from the humble banana bread with vanilla and blossom mascarpone, banana and berries at an extremely reasonable price of $9.50, to Cobia Kingfish with avocado, lime, chilli, coriander and seeded toast sitting at $17. The classic Brekkie Board is a crowd favourite boasting of chicken chipolatas, grilled asparagus, smoked salmon, cherry tomato and basil salad, and fresh, toasted sourdough. For $22, it is worth every cent.
The lunch menu contains gluten free options such as the Pumpkin Risotto and Vitello Tonnato that is anything but boring. A must have for any ‘Ground goer’ is The ‘Ground’ Burger. Picture this: A two hand burger bursting with succulent, juicy, dry-aged Angus beef, house made pickles, tomato, and perfectly melted cheese, dripping with a perfect, harmonious blend of mustard and mayonnaise. Your tastebuds will tingle with the occasional “oomph” of the tomato relish inside, but will not be dominated by it. Although the burger is inconsistent in its drip/messy factor, the thick chips are the perfect accompaniment to dip in the left over sauce and to fill up the rest of your stomach.
Is there a downside? Yes, but it is hardly their fault. The Grounds is constantly packed whether it be a weekday or weekend. Saturday and Sunday is their busiest day, so beware of a tirade of prams if you do choose to venture out on these days. Although there is a nearly guaranteed waiting period to sit down in The Café, The Grounds has you sorted by having things to do in The Garden such as the chance to water your tastebuds with Lemonade Stands where you can enjoy Rose Lemonade or The Classic Freshly Squeezed Lemonade at a decent price of $4, flower stalls, markets selling jewellery, fresh produce and jam products as well as barbecues selling food at the same high level of quality as you would find in The Café such as Bacon and Egg Rolls and American style Cheeseburgers. The Café also provides visitors with a take away option for drinks, sweets and baked goods from the bakery.
Although patience is required when entering The Grounds, there is always something to do and see.

The Short Film All Australians Need To See

"I don't want to say "I do", because that would be too easy. I'd rather say "We did" when they said we shouldn't.

Powerful. Challenging. Soulful. Beautiful. These are words that come to mind when watching Laura Nagy’s latest short film “We Will”. Written by Laura Nagy, Nirrimi Firebrace, and Samuel Leighton-Dore, and directed by Laura Nagy, “We Will” is a short film created to defy Australia’s current political stance on same sex marriage. The film follows the lesbian relationship between Claire (Bianca Bradey) and Rachel (Madeleine Withington); from the moment they meet, up to their wedding day. “I wanted to make their relationship as normal as possible to the audience,” said Nagy in a relaxed tone. “I wanted their journey to be as fluid and relatable as possible, because their love is the same as any other love”.
Love knows no bounds // Samantha Heather Photography
“We Will” is created for the online world being only available for viewing on its own YouTube channel. When asked why she chose such an interesting and modern form of distribution, Nagy answers simply that, “through social media, “We Will” is able to be shared, posted and commented on to spread the message that the film delivers. I hope the determination and love seen in the film will get people excited and motivated about marriage equality”.
The film was created in light of former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s refusal to pass the same sex marriage bill. The Coalition’s vote greatly contrasts the views of various political figures such as Senator Penny Wong arguing that same sex marriage would benefit children of same-sex couples in July this year, and radio broadcaster Alan Jones emphasising “to deny people the recognition for a relationship which is based on love is to deny in my opinion one of humankind’s most basic, but as I said, elusive qualities” (May, 2015).
Nagy falls into this contrasted category. “I felt like I was banging my head on a homophobic brick wall that was never going to tumble. Our government’s current stance on marriage equality made me so frustrated that I decided to use my skills to go out and make a difference. I love how I could use film to tell the story of a same sex couple in a beautiful, powerful and normal way”.
“I felt like I was banging my head on a homophobic brick wall that was never going to tumble”
Stills Photographer, Samantha Barretto of Samantha Heather Photography, jumped to the idea of working on the film. ““We Will” was just the project I was looking to work on. It was made by the joint effort of some very close friends of mine who continue to inspire me. When they asked if I could join the project to take still photographs, I jumped to the idea. It was going to be an infusion of all my favourite things – love, weddings, lace, flowers, and photography – how could I say no?”
Madeleine Withington, the actress who plays Rachel in the short film, was politically inspired to participate in the film. “As soon as I heard it was to promote and aid marriage equality in Australia, I was in. When I met Laura, and she mentioned it was going to be a predominantly female crew, I was even more in. Then I heard that the other actress would be the unbelievably talented Bianca Bradey, and I pretty much just fell over. It was an idea that I fully supported, and having seen some of Laura’s work, I knew the film would be beautiful. And it is. It is beautiful.
According to, 75% of Australians believe that the reform is inevitable as well as 78% of same sex civil partners would prefer to be married if they had the choice. Despite same sex marriage being legal in countries such as Canada, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, US States such as Iowa and New York, as well as Belgium and Norway, Australia’s stance on same sex marriage remains immovable. Therefore, the question remains: Is Australia behind the times in their marriage equality reforms?
“It’s definitely a culture thing and it is up to the government to lead the way in this culture change”
“Yes, yes, yes,” answers Nagy confidently. “The Australian Government is definitely behind the times in their reforms. Most Australians support same sex marriage, so what’s the hold up? Future generations of Australians will look back at our current government with shame, just as we do looking at the treatment of Aborigines.”
“Australia is being run by white privileged men, who have absolutely no interest in losing that privilege,” Withington adds. “Their “normativity” is threatened by marriage equality, and they’re frightened of losing their power. Do you know what the most dangerous idea in the world is? It’s the idea of “normal”. The “I am normal and you are not, and therefore that gives me the RIGHT to take away your rights.” That’s what is running Australia right now. And if that doesn’t terrify you, I don’t know what will.”
“Marriage equality is about human rights” -Madeleine Withington // Samantha Heather Photography
However, not all involved are vehemently bent on making quick changes to Australia’s reforms. Barretto emphasises that “In comparison to the rest of the world, how can I say we’re not behind the times? We are one of the only 1st world countries not to have legalised gay marriage. Even our own monarchy has legalised it and we are still trailing behind. In saying that though, Australia is its own country with its own rules and regulations and I respect it for not just following suit and making something legal when it is not yet ready”.
In the film, Claire and Rachel wrote their own vows that were delivered to each other on their wedding day. Laura Nagy reveals that Claire and Rachel’s vows were written by two different wordsmiths to emphasise a different, distinctive voice. “I immediately knew that I wanted Nirrimi and Samuel to write the vows, as they are very well known for their beautiful writing. Without sharing what they wrote, Samuel and Nirrimi wrote the vows and I stitched them together to form the end product. The vows weren’t revealed until the girls said them aloud, face to face on their wedding day. It worked so well! The result was beautiful. As neither Samuel nor Nirrimi are lesbians with Samuel being a homosexual man and Nirrimi being a heterosexual woman, the result was very interesting as the vows were created just for lovers. There was no label for what sexual orientation the vows were for. They were just for two lovers.”
The chemistry between Bradey and Withington can be clearly seen throughout the film, and it really is something special. When asked if there was any awkwardness between the pair, Withington is quick to respond. “Nope, not at all. It was actually really easy. I guess I didn’t feel like I had to conform to anyone’s particular idea of sexy, or girly, or attractive. I could be exactly myself, without trying to fit ideas about those concepts that often come when a heterosexual male gaze is behind the camera. I could be a dork with Bianca, and the other women, and just feel really safe.”12569-mad_AqhJ1fxylsX7tIKR0G6s_ux-wILC4nOA5YF-U57Jbc-d15b9137
“I hope “Will Do” serves as a vessel for change in Australia”-Laura Nagy // Samantha Heather Photography
Cinematographer, Emma Paine, wanted to capture the normality of the relationship between Rachel and Claire and the love that exists between them. “In making a piece that was hoping to show that there are many kinds of loves and relationships, it was very important that it felt real. We shot with no artificial lighting and kept the camera handheld and present in each location. These restrictions helped us to find beauty in the every day and in a very normal relationship, as well as giving the actors the space for spontaneity and to play with their characters.”
Barretto also wanted to focus on the beauty present in the film through her photographs. “I wanted to capture the beauty that weddings and love possess. At the end of the day, I am a wedding photographer who aims to tell the story of two people committing their lives to one another. I treated “We Will” as just that; an opportunity for me to tell a story and, in particular, a story that isn’t told very much in our country. I captured all the little details and put it all together in one fluid tale that I hope can promote love and beauty of the heart”.
“We Will” will be available for public showing on the 16th of November on the “We Will” YouTube account.
Samantha Heather Photography:
Australian Marriage Equality Organisation:

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Positivity is one of those words. We try to attain it, grasp it, live it and feel it. We put it into our life motto and pop it into our classic 'life advice' speeches that we say to our loved ones. We love it, but we can't help but hate it sometimes. 

Recently, I just haven't been happy. It is as simple as that. Many aspects of my life have overwhelmed me, making me feel anxious, upset, scared, lethargic, spiritually and creatively low, which I feel has made me physically sick. I have been depressed before, everyone has right? But this time, it has really taken it's toll on me for many weeks. 
I am one of those people who always encourage people with uplifting, positive messages. I have always believed that happiness is merely a light switch away, as really, it can't be that hard to feel? I have had my fair share of hard times in life, but I have always tried to look on the bright side of life. I would never allow myself to properly feel pain and anxiety because I have felt there is no point in being unhappy when there is so much to love about life. 

Well, recently I have not allowed myself to think in a positive way. I have allowed myself to be washed over by anxious thoughts and to be taken to the depths of the negative parts of my mind. I have often found myself lying on my bed feeling lazy and sad, unable to do productive things due to my mind telling me I couldn't. I have had no energy to do anything, which has made me feel hopeless and sad. I found I have developed limited patience for people or situations due to my newly found short temper. I have found myself walking around my house feeling empty and worthless. I have developed a dissatisfaction with life and an unwillingness to make things better for myself. I have been over thinking parts of my life which I wouldn't normally worry about and have created even more problems for myself. My relationships with people and my creator have been at a standstill due to my newly found negative nature. My
"recently used" emoticons on my iPhone have become sad, unhappy lame as that sounds. Basically, I have been in a negative rut, and it has been taking it's toll on me. 

The concept of positivity has been considered, but has just been loathed. How can I possibly put on a fake, positive facade to make myself feel better when there are so many things going on in my life? The term positivity just seems, or shall I say seemed unattainable. 

Thankfully, I no longer feel like this anymore. 

After scrolling through my beloved Instagram feed today, I came across a very simple quote that I used to love; Don't take life so seriously. A few minutes later, my lovely boyfriend sent another quote that I absolutely adore; 

"The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it"
-Jordan Belfort

Um, can someone say wow?! To be honest, my goal at this present moment is just to be happy. I really needed to see this quote to shake me out of my negative stupor. For too long, I have allowed myself to live in a negatively charged shell that was my life. I didn't allow myself to feel happy, and I didn't allow people to give me happiness. No matter how many compliments I received, I just didn't believe any because I didn't feel like I deserved them. My mind didn't allow me to be myself. In other words, I was trapped by my own thoughts.
 I have learnt that if you allow your unhappiness to get the best of you, you will succumb to it quite easily and things will become harder. To break free of it seems unbearable, but once you are out of that crushing rut, you definitely start to see things in perspective. 

Being unhappy makes you see the great power of your mind. It is a scary, powerful and all consuming aspect of your body that controls well, you, basically. If you feed your mind powerful and uplifting thoughts, your body will consume them and your whole outlook on life will change. I assure you, you will become more motivated, happy, patient and kind to yourself and those around you. In the past, I have had a few challenging situations where I felt like I didn't even know my mind, and quite frankly, I was afraid of it. As human beings, we are blessed with such a complex device in our bodies, therefore it is highly important that we take charge of it so that it does not take charge of us. 

The first thing I am going to do with my newfound happiness is create some order in my life. Along with juggling university and work commitments, I am going to make time for exercise. A factor that certainly contributed to my unhappiness was my lack of physical activity. I began to feel horrible about myself and I felt so sluggish and disgusting. I need to get those endorphins flowing! Having some order in my life will definitely allow me to organise my life to prevent myself from being unproductive. 

As for those ghastly situations that made me feel unhappy in the first place? Well, dealing with them with an unhappy mind will definitely make them worse. I am trying to find the confidence and perspective to deal with them. Obviously all my problems will not go away in a heart beat, but I can deal with them in a more healthy manner with a better outlook on life. 

It feels good to be back :) 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


"A person susceptible to wanderlust is not so much addicted to movement as committed to transformation." -Pico Iyer

Man, oh man do I suffer from Wanderlust. The calls of the Eiffel Tower, the music on the streets of Barcelona, the stillness of the canals in Venice, and the magic and modernity that is New York echo so loudly within me. I have been itching to travel for years, constantly day dreaming about living in a loft in New York and walking the streets of Paris. Pinterest definitely hasn't helped in that department with it's constant stream of jaw dropping pictures from around the world.

Well, I don't have to keep dreaming anymore, as my dreams are to be transformed into a reality next year! Next year in my Uni holidays, I am heading out on a European adventure across Italy, France and Spain. Eee! We will be travelling to Rome, Venice, Milan, Nice, Cannes, Barcelona, and Paris just to name a few. I seriously cannot contain my excitement. I come from a family that never went overseas, only holidaying to places like Melbourne and Tasmania, so you can imagine my excitement. I will be jet setting around the world with one of my closest friends because honestly, what better way to experience life changing and eye opening events than to have one of your best friends by your side. 

Although a lot of saving needs to be done, I am very excited to prepare for my trip. I will be sure to take travel journals with me to write about my experiences, as well as blogging as much as I can online. In relation to the quote by Pico Iyer, I hope to transform into a more appreciative person about the world around us and to meet new and exciting people who will open my eyes to the world, as well as learning to be more independent. Europe 2015, I'm coming for you!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Wait, what? It's 2014? 
It's a new year? It certainly doesn't feel like it, and it certainly hasn't impacted me in any way. Usually when the crowd starts counting down the seconds to the new year, I get shivers down my spine and excitement builds as I stand on the brink of a year full of unexpected surprises and events. This year has just felt like any other day.

I guess it's because 2013 was such a good year for me. With 2012 being a bittersweet year, 2013 brought so many blessings; my best friend became my boyfriend, I started working, I started University, I became more involved in my church and became a youth leader, I met a truckload of amazing and life changing people who I value so much, and my faith has gotten so much stronger and mature. 2013 was a year of blessings, and I was very happy in it.

I am definitely not one of those people who say that every year is a shocking year, and beg that the new year will be amazing. I am a firm believer that in order for amazing and life changing things to happen, you have to put yourself out there. You have to step out of your comfort zone once in a while to challenge yourself and to be willing to be scared and uncomfortable in some situations. As Benjamin Mee says, "You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery, and I promise you, something great will come out of it."

How true is that?! To be honest, I am quite the scaredy cat. I get worried over stupid things and I am the person who will tell you to swim between the flags. I have never been an insanely brave person. But towards the end of 2013 , I realised that I am more capable of doing things than I thought. I realised that I could teach and lead high school kids to become better followers of Christ, I realised I could stand up in front of my class and do my oral presentation, I realised that I can make friends easily if I just try, I realised that I could trust people whole heartedly again, and I realised that I am way too hard and critical of myself than I would have liked. 

Wow, okay, so in saying that maybe I am excited for this year. Every year brings its fair share of highs and lows, but in hindsight, the lows are what brings the true blessings right? That's where you learn, grow and mature. I am excited to be more involved in my church and to make Thirst Youth a thriving, exciting and encouraging youth community.This year at church, I won't have my family with me to comfort or look after me. I will be forced to stand on my own two feet and to be a strong woman of God with the sole purpose of praising God. I also look forward to University this year (even though these holidays are oh so good!) and I also look forward to making stronger friendships. One thing I have noticed is that I have been lazy with keeping up with people, so that definitely has to change. 

So, let's lay my New Years resolutions on the table.
  • I want to put as much time and energy as I can to make Thirst Youth a more exciting, encouraging and bigger youth group. I want to be the best leader I can possibly be, and to be a good role model for the girls.
  • I want to keep growing and concentrating on my faith in God, so that I can be the best servant of God as I can be. 
  • I want to continue to put myself out there and to not be afraid of new experiences.
  • I want to be the best possible daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend etc for other people. I want to spend as much time as I can with people who I love. I don't want to be a lazy friend.
  • Lastly, I want to be fit and 100% comfortable with my body.
What are your new year resolutions?

I hope that 2014 brings you all many blessings of different kinds, and that you will look back on the year with no regrets. Happy new year! Let's do this. 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Truth About Christmas

December. The month of Christmas, the month of the New Year, the month of intense snow or scorching hot days, and the month of...empty savings accounts. 

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore December! It immediately reminds me that Christmas is coming. I love the Christmas lights, the magic of Christmas Eve, the Christmas buzz in the air, the decorations in shopping centres, and the amazing TV marathons that occur. I love how in Australia, December means that summer has arrived, so beach days, balmy nights and sun dresses are a go. 
As Mary Ellen Chase brilliantly put it, "Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind." 

Although my love of December is still present, I can't help but feel that Christmas feels a lot different. Although I feel the excitement and the buzz in the air, I can also feel a sense of anxiety and exhaustion. When I was younger, Christmas was THE time of year. I felt my excitement for it months in advance and would always love helping my family buy presents and wrap them in pretty paper. I would get no sleep on Christmas Eve night, which is still my favourite time of year, as my excitement levels would be too high for me to get a wink of sleep. 

But these days, it feels different. Although I know one hundred percent that I would be waking up like a mad woman on Christmas morning, waking up my siblings and ushering them to the tree to open presents, I feel as I have grown older it doesn't have that innocent feel to it.
As I have a job now and am working as much as I can, I have to support myself, ultimately meaning that all the presents that I have to buy must be out of my own pocket. As I am certainly not a millionaire, I have been feeling the stress, plus my spontaneous spending on myself has definitely not helped. I never realised just how many people I was responsible to purchase presents for. I never realised the big present haul my parents have had to deal with for so many years!

But that's what Christmas is about, right? Christmas is about feeling the stress and pressure of buying the perfect gift for loved ones, right? No.

Sadly, society has created this pseudo time of year that is full of stress and empty savings accounts, calling it "Christmas" when it really isn't Christmas at all. Christmas is not about presents, it is not about spending a vast amount of money on loved ones or your work colleagues daughter's husbands dog. Sadly, Mary Ellen Chase's quote as been transformed into something entirely different. Society is viewing Christmas as a state of mind in which our materialism and consumerism comes out to play. It is when our greed and selfishness overtakes us, forcing us to pull a sour face when you open the present that contains ANOTHER ugly shirt from Grandma May. 

Christmas is a special time of year. It is a beautiful time of year. Christmas should be seen as CHRISTmas, a celebration of Jesus Christ's birth, a time when we reflect on the love and grace that was poured out to us through our Saviour. It is a time when we realise just how lucky we are to have had Jesus enter into our world. Wow. Christmas is a time of year to be spent with your loved ones, friends or family, no matter how big or small the company is. It is a time to relax and even reflect on the year that has been, but has not yet finished. It is a time to even eat delicious food and drink nice wine. It is a season of love.

While I believe in CHRISTmas, I still love parts of the "Christmas" society has created. I love making gingerbread houses, the smell of Christmas trees, the gift wrapping, the shopping, the magic of Christmas Eve, Christmas carols, Christmas lights, decorating my tree, attempting to make creative Christmas craft on Pinterest, and the time spent with my family. It is truly a beautiful time of year. 

I am definitely not saying that it is wrong to buy presents at Christmas time, in fact I love it besides the money worries! Buying gifts for loved ones is an act of sacrificial love, when you can express your love and consideration for a person through a gift. It is a way of saying "I haven't forgotten about you" or "I actually listen to what you want!". The time of year gets ugly when all people think about during the season is presents. 

To share a little bit more about myself, when I was younger, a family friend of mine always gave me what I thought was "old ornaments that she already had at home." Every time I received one, I always tossed it aside and let it collect dust in my room. It wasn't until this year when that family friend passed away, that I truly felt the impact of her gifts. I felt so saddened and guilty by the selfishness that I displayed all these years. My family friend gave me objects that yes, mostly had come from her own house, but that only meant that she gave me her own possessions. They were once items that she loved and which I now cherish, because I have a part of her that no one else does. She gave me gifts that had come from around the world and which she held so dear, yet she so sacrificially gave it to someone she loved. Instead of feeling annoyed by the gifts, I feel immensely honoured to have been able to have them in my possession. I was blessed and I didn't even know it.

So, before you start stressing about the money you have to come up with to purchase gifts, just remember that the true meaning of Christmas is not about that. You don't need to buy expensive presents for someone; you can just give someone a gift to remember, whether that be quality time or even a handmade object. After all, Jesus gave us the ultimate present, therefore we should display his love and grace through our heart and actions, not through emptying our bank account. 

Monday, 16 December 2013

My First Hello

So, wow! I made a blog. To be honest, I'm pretty impressed and surprised that I actually got around to making one! You see, I am a victim of procrastination and I display many qualities that point towards me being lazy...although I don't like to admit it.

My name is Genna and I live in Sydney, Australia. I am an aspiring writer, a child of God, a stationary lover, an appreciator of good architecture and design, a hot chocolate connoisseur, a fashion and internet shopping addict, a performing arts enthusiast, a cafe aficionado and one of those people who try to find the perfect quote to fit their current situation. I suffer from a severe case of wanderlust and is interested in health and fitness (when I find the motivation). 

I have always wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. My goal is to inspire, entertain, but mostly challenge people to see the world differently and to act on issues that need addressing, no matter how big or small they may be. I hope to start up my own magazine one day and to write about issues that are important to me, write about fashion that I am loving and to interview people that are inspiring me and who are just plain awesome. 

I am SO incredibly excited to start my blog! I have always wanted to bring parts of my journal online, to show whoever is reading this parts of my mind that are not really spoken aloud. I will mostly be writing about the strange, hopefully interesting ideas and topics that float around my mind and the events I attend. I will also write about fashion and possibly even craft. I mean, who doesn't love craft?! Wherever my blog takes me, I hope you will enjoy it and find it inspiring and interesting. 

Talk soon!

Genna xx